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How to Build Competent Managers in Your Home Improvement Business

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Trying to do everything yourself at your home contracting business is a recipe for being overworked, frustrated, and not getting things done well.  It’s also directly related to a business that is stuck. You can only scale your business if you have team members who help you – who are in charge of a given department.

Being a leader who tries to do it all verse being a leader who builds a team and sets clear goals and expectations, while empowering others to get results are two VERY DIFFERENT leaders.

To grow, we need to be the second kind of leader, AND we need to be able to motivate and enable our managers over long periods of time. We also need to keep them working for our home improvement business. We need to be the kind of person – the kind of leader – they want to work for.

Putting People in Charge

No matter how small your company is, you have to have someone answering the phones and converting leads into sales appointments – right?  Well why not have someone IN CHARGE of doing that, and improving or maintaining the KPI associated with that department?

No matter what size your company, you have to have someone doing some marketing. Why not empower a person to be IN CHARGE of marketing. Give them goals to shoot for, tools to use, and get them the best training you can.

It’s the same for running a sales department, a production department, accounting or service departments. Someone has to be IN CHARGE.

Get Your Managers the Resources They Need

Once you have empowered functional leaders, now you can work to enable them with resources, and get them to work together. They will build teams of their own to get their jobs done, and as the leader, your job changes from doer to continually monitoring progress and building the team and improving their capabilities.

If you never give authority away, you’ll keep the job forever. Is that what you want? Is that the different action that will produce different results?

This excerpt and video come from “Building Competent Managers” a course in the School of Entrepreneurship.  The full-length course will help you identify who you have and who you need, as well as give you the tools on building up and supporting your managers.

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