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Your Personal Goals: "What do I Want?"

Taking Aim

What do you want?

That’s a pretty big question. Let’s narrow our focus a bit: What do you want out of your business?

I’m talking Big Picture, The Dream. Maybe it’s been a while since you thought about it. Maybe it’s painful to think about because you no longer believe the dream is attainable. Maybe you know exactly what you want and you’re going after it, full steam ahead. Whatever the case, I’m asking you to think about it now. Is it clear in your mind?

If you don’t know what you want out of your business – or you’re not clear – then you’re like an archer shooting blind. Maybe you’ll hit something, but your chances aren’t good. Unlike an archery contest though, the outcomes that you get from your business matter – a lot.

A home improvement, home service business can be a vehicle for personal freedom and financial reward for its owner. Or it can be an unrelenting taskmaster. Both of these outcomes are possible, as contractors have demonstrated. What sets apart those who make it from those who don’t? There’s no magic: it’s about getting it right.

Having clear goals and the burning desire to achieve them are critical components to getting the best result possible. They’re the right tools for the job (remember, as the owner, your business is your jobsite).

Alright, how do we go about setting and pursuing goals?

To set goals, we need a sense of the possible. To pursue goals, we have to believe we can achieve them and we have to really want them. What can be attained through a well-run home improvement business? In the broadest strokes: more money, more time, more happiness. That’s good news for all of us: whether you’re just getting started, been stuck for a while, or you’ve learned how to be successful.

Wherever you find yourself today, I’m inviting you to think about that dream – The Dream – now.

Whether you’re starting, stuck, or successful – we want to help you reach greater success. Have you looked at the homepage of this website recently? Here’s a quote: “We help home improvement, repair and service contractors grow and thrive.” We mean what we say. We’ve helped hundreds of contractors, just like you.

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