A Recruiting and Hiring Program for Contractors

HireHigher helps you hire the best people for your team.

Hire Once, Hire Right

HireHigher Program

Hiring will make you or break you. Too often contractors spend 1% of their time recruiting and 99% of their time managing their recruiting mistakes. HireHigher is for getting the right people on your team.

Hiring is a Competition

You are in competition with your direct competitors - and everyone else - to get the best people on your team. Whoever wins this competition, will likely win in the marketplace. Whoever loses, will likely struggle. We must win the fight for the best people.

Most Contractors Get it Wrong

Assuming we are a good company with strong leadership, we simply don't spend enough time on finding, screening, and selecting the right people. HireHigher straightens this out and gives you the tools needed to successfully hire the right people for your company.

Meet the Instructors of HireHigher

Larry Janesky

Larry Janesky

CEO of Contractor Nation

Larry Janesky, owner and founder of The School of Entrepreneurship, presents the Hire Higher Recruiting Program. Larry is an entrepreneur, author, inventor, public speaker, thinker, and home contracting business owner. He is the primary instructor at The School of Entrepreneurship, founder and owner of Contractor Nation, and the author of ThinkDaily.com.

Kathy Richardson

Kathy Richardson

Director of Recruiting

Kathy Richardson is a full life-cycle recruiter, coach, trainer and business development consultant with comprehensive experience in entrepreneurial ventures and international businesses. She has broad experience in executive search, contingency and contract staffing, college campus, international, and internal corporate recruiting across a variety of industries.

How Do You Get the HireHigher Program?

By joining the Contractor Nation Member Program, you'll have access to the complete HireHigher program. Developed at The School of Entrepreneurship, HireHigher is a series of 27 videos and a 142-page eBook that will walk you step-by-step to hiring great people. 142 pages may seem daunting, but we've made it fast and fun with lots of images and exercises.