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Leadership, Sales, Marketing, Hiring, Financials, Production Expertise - It's All Here

The School of Entrepreneurship contains the core knowledge of Contractor Nation. This is the online component of our business coaching program.

Want to know how Larry built his local home improvement business into the market-dominant powerhouse it is today? All that knowledge and all those answers await you in the School of Entrepreneurship.

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A contractor takes notes watching the School of Entrepreneurship online.

After being in business for 10 years, doing $650,000 a year in sales, a roofer grew to $4 million in 18 months.

What happened?

This business owner grew his knowledge and redefined his job in his own business by subscribing to Contractor Nation's School of Entrepreneurship.

This story is not unique. The School of Entrepreneurship has graduated more than 100 contractors, and all have made extraordinary progress in their contracting businesses.

You could be the next.

The School has a unique process of changing what you learn, how you see your business, and what you do as the leader to build a team of employees who get the results you are looking for with your customers.

You will own a business that works even if you don't show up that day or week. You'll own a business, instead of the business owning you. You'll feel in control, know how to fix problems, grow, make a profit you never thought possible, and have more time for your family and personal life.

Contractors have credited the powerful ideas taught in the School of Entrepreneurship with fundamentally changing their lives for the better. And for a business owner, since business and life are inseparable, everything changes when you get control of your business and make it work for you.

Your business is a vehicle to make your dreams come true.

You can join the top 1% of income earners in the country with the business you have right now. All you have to do is learn how.

Specifically, how to be a better leader of a home improvement/repair contractor. Contractor Nation's School of Entrepreneurship is not for any business. It is highly specialized for contractors who offer their home repair and home improvement services to homeowners.

You'll become a confident leader and an expert at Marketing, Sales, Production, Call Center, Accounting and Service.

If you don't change, what does the future look like for you? How will your business and your life be 10 years from now? 20 years from now?

The School of Entrepreneurship is for contractors who want to grow. Contractors who are sick and tired of the grind. Tired of wondering how they will make payroll, where the next job will come from, and how they can get good help. This is your chance to fundamentally change your life and be personally tutored by perhaps the most experienced successful contractor and trainer in the country.

In the School, you will learn and execute the following:

  • How to understand and impact your business every day. You'll know what it should look like, how it should function, and which financial information you need to pay attention to.
  • How to build a winning team.
  • How to hire people.
  • How to sell and teach others to sell - the complete leading national sales program, Profectus, is included.
  • How to get leads!
  • How to motivate your production teams for high performance.
  • How to carve a profit out of any gross sales volume.
  • How to be home by 5:30 every day.
  • How to set goals and get your team to achieve them.
  • How to develop competent managers.
  • How to capture every lead instead of losing opportunities right in your own office.
  • How to achieve peace with it all - and have a better life.
  • So much more!

How Do You Get the School of Entrepreneurship online training program?

Our on-demand business coaching program is available to all Members of Contractor Nation. Complete the Form to get a copy of our Membership brochure.