Prōfectus Sales Program™:
Sales Training for Contractors

Live and online sales training for owners, sales management and salespeople.

Win Over Customers and Sell Bigger Jobs

Profectus Sales Training Program

There are four key areas to building a winning company. Hiring, marketing and leadership are three, sales is the fourth.

What if you could grow your home improvement, repair or service business by 30%, 50% or even double it with the leads you have now? It's possible!

The Prōfectus Sales Program will show you how to win over customers and sell bigger jobs. It's not a high-pressure program, but it is VERY effective.

You'll love our question-based approach: the way we build credibility, discover what the homeowner really wants, match what you do to it, and present the proposal. With our simple yet powerful closing techniques you'll never be stuck with "I want to think about it", "I want to shop around", or "That's a lot of money" objections ever again.

Prōfectus is also easy for salespeople to learn.

Why it Works So Well

To be successful at selling home improvement services, you need a series of steps to take the customer on a mental journey. You take them on a journey from where they are when they answer the door, to deciding they are better off hiring you than not hiring you.

This sales process doesn't need to be complex to be powerful. However, the salesperson needs to understand each part. The salesperson also needs to understand the important reason for each part and be able to execute each part well every time.

A successful sales process should not be a "high-pressure," where the focus is on the product or service and largely statement driven. Instead it should be "low pressure," driven by questions and focusing on the customer.

Prōfectus is this low-pressure system that salespeople can work within to accomplish great results!

With the Prōfectus Sales Program you can:

  • Train the trainer — With Prōfectus your sales management team can learn from and use the program to train the entire team.
  • On-Demand Sales Training — The entire Prōfectus sales training program has been recreated in a digital format for access anytime. You can use the videos and worksheets for your sales meetings.
  • Live Sales Training — Twice per year, plus during our annual convention, you can send your sales team to Contractor Nation for us to train them. We adhere strictly to the program, so your sales people receive the same message here as at your office.

How Do You Get the Prōfectus Sales Program™

Prōfectus is available as on-demand and live training to all Members of Contractor Nation. Complete the Form to get a copy of our Membership brochure.