Sales Pops!
Sales Training Videos for Contractors

Short online training videos that motivate and teach sales teams.

Motivational & Educational Videos for Sales People

Your salespeople will get a short sales training video twice a week to help train, motivate and inspire them to greater sales performance. With these videos we do part of the sales training and management for you!

You'll meet the sales coaches at Contractor Nation, and they will take you, your sales manager or your sales team through a single technique or skill in a short video.

Sales Pops! Training Videos

Sales Pops! Videos include messaging on:

  • Sales techniques
  • Overcoming objections such as "I'll think about it," "Shop around," and "Get other quotes."
  • Consultative selling
  • Field sales training
  • Best follow up strategies
  • Best sales closing techniques including the thermometer close, the Ben Franklin close, the trial close, the preferred customer close, and more.

These educational and motivational videos for sales training are great short takes to help focus your sales people. You can use them in your sales team meetings as well.

Get Sales Pops! Delivered to Your Email Box

Sales Pops! are available in your email box and on-demand in your Library as part of Contractor Nation's Membership program. When you join Contractor Nation, simply sign up all your salespeople for Sales Pops! and let us help train them for you. Complete the Form to get a copy of our Membership brochure.