Six Roles of the Appointment Center:
Call center representative and management training

Improve your appointment scheduling process and grow your business!

The Growth of Your Entire Company is at Stake!

Did you know most contractors could grow their business by 20% - 40% or even more just by handling calls and scheduling sales appointments better? Your company can be double-its-size or half-its-size based on the effectiveness of your appointment center.

We know it is true! We will teach you (your call center person or team) the Six Roles of the Appointment Center, so you can close the holes in your net and get more sales leads.

Every home repair company should have a Call Center (now called an Appointment Center), because most appointments come into your business from the web or from a phone call. These leads need to get booked for other people to run as sales leads, service calls, maintenance, etc.

But how good is your appointment setting department at extracting every possible appointment opportunity from your marketing activities, sales department activities, and your existing customer base?

6 Roles of the Appointment Center

What's Different in this Program?

  • We renamed the department. In this program we have renamed the "Call Center" the "Appointment Center." There are a few reasons for this. First, it's a psychological thing - we want everyone to know our job is to get appointments for the sales and service departments. It also reflects the changing nature of communications with email and texts as tools.
  • We have identified and clarified six distinct roles that Appointment Center Representatives (ACR's) will actively work on.
  • We have new scripts for each role that are on one side of one card. These scripts have proven to work very well.
  • We moved two roles that required outbound calling - annual maintenance calls from the Service Department and unsold proposal calls from the sales department - into the six roles program.

How Do You Get the 6 Roles of the Appointment Center Training Program?

Our appointment center training program is available as on-demand and live training to all Members of Contractor Nation. Complete the Form to get a copy of our Membership brochure.