Social Media for Contractors

The right way for a specialty contractor to use social media

Social Media Tools for Contractors

  1. Share It!
  2. SocialZoom
  3. Crew Review
  4. Feedback Funnel
  5. Star Power Pro

The fantastic tools are built right into our custom content management system that we designed specifically for contractors. These tools make it fast and easy for contractors to get referral business from social media.

This is going to go against conventional wisdom, but I’m going to tell you that you don’t need to be updating your Facebook newsfeed, tweeting on your company account, or pinning photos every day to be a success at social media. Don’t mistake being busy as a valuable activity.

If you’re a general contractor or a high-end kitchen or bathroom remodeler and can only handle 1 or 2 jobs per month (or less), then ignore this. This is social media for the specialty contractor that needs lots of leads every month (like the bathroom re-fitters, the window replacement companies, roofers, siders, mold remediators, etc.)

Keeping your own profiles updated is fine, but if you’ve been under the impression that you need to post something every day, ask yourself who is seeing all these posts? Let’s say you’re the typical contractor with 30-300 followers, let’s look at who those people are:

  • Your staff
  • Some other contractors that you do business with
  • Your family and friends
  • Maybe some happy customers (who have subsequently blocked your posts)
  • If you’ve run a contest or bought followers (none of these count, as they’ve blocked your messages as well)

What’s missing from this list: new potential customers.

Social Media for Contractors the Right Way

This is actually surprisingly simple. Ask your happy customers to share their experience with you to their network of friends and family. The hard part is to ask. At Contractor Nation we have a suite of tools for contractors to use to get their customers to tweet about them, pin them, post them, share them, and spread the word about your company.

Tools like SocialZoom, Share It!, Star Power Pro, the Feedback Funnel, and Crew Review make getting social shares from your customers fast and easy.

Contractor Nation has helped more than 400 contractors with their local social media, getting them more shares and more referrals. If you’re looking for a company that specializes in contractor social media and you want to dominate your market, give us a call today. We only take the best contractors in each market, and we can help you become even more successful.

In many markets we still have openings for roofing contractors, fencing companies, mold removal companies, siding, and bath refitting contractors. We also have limited availability for HVAC contractors and replacement window companies. Our program is designed specifically for specialty home services contractors.