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Contractors, Increase Your Customer's Spending Power with Financing

50% of home improvement projects are financed

For you to sell your contracting services to homeowners, they have to be able to pay for it.  Not to be able afford it but be able to pay for it.

The larger your home improvement proposal is to the homeowner, the lower the possibility that they will have enough money in their checking account to be able to pay for your contracting services.

What can you do about this?

  • Lower you’re offering. Don’t try to sell top-of-the-line products and don’t add on any extra services that the homeowner may want. Keep your price as low as possible.
  • Offer financing.  Sell everything the homeowner wants and needs, including the best quality products.

Financing enables your customers to get what they want.

In fact, if it wasn’t for financing, almost no homes, cars, or trucks would be sold! Even furniture, big-screen TVs, and computers rely on financing. People use financing to make large purchases affordable.

Offer Financing Through You
When you offer financing through YOU, you’re increasing your prospect’s spending power with you. That’s a great thing!

Most objections are money objections, because if the home improvement work was free, the homeowner would take it every time! By offering financing, you are empowering your customers to buy now, with you, instead of waiting and potentially buying from someone else.

Successful home improvement sales reps use financing to sell 50% of their jobs.  They know that financing is a key to great success.

One study shows that homeowners you don’t close today will move forward with another contractor within 6 months. The homeowner hrs you don’t sell will be closed by the competition because they have offered the customer an easy way to pay for the improvement / repair job.

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