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A Father, Son & Some Fun

Monday, April 1st, 2019 by Chelsea Farrington

A Father, Son & Some Fun - Image 1

“THIS HAS ACTUALLY GOTTEN FUN.” It’s a small phrase, even simple in its words, but it’s a sentiment joyfully voiced by Steve Tetreault, owner and president of The Drying Co., that holds a tremendous amount of weight.

Steve and his son Tyler Tetreault have treated much of their time in their business as an educational journey, essentially “leveling up” with every new association and service that they’ve added over the years. In starting as a CleanSpace dealer, bringing on Dr. Energy Saver, then most recently adding Basement Systems in 2018, things at The Drying Co. are “falling into place a lot quicker now” than they ever imagined possible.

By “falling into place,” they’re referring to their ability to double the size of The Drying Co. in just the past few years. Loyal students, and now recent graduates of The School of Entrepreneurship, Steve and Tyler have been learning alongside one another, referencing the School’s modules like a manual. Their impressively symbiotic partnership has allowed them to cohesively push the company forward while still supporting one another in their own personal journeys as growing leaders. In Steve’s own words, “we get to dream together.”

Steve said he never thought they’d be a big company. Back when they moved into their building, they used to only occupy a fraction of it. But today, with a change in mindset and a building filled to the brim, Steve and Tyler are achieving their goals faster than they can set them. And now they’re even having a little fun doing it.