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How to Grow a Contractor Business through Hiring and Time Management

While the idea that we don’t have time to do the things necessary to succeed seems true, it is erroneous. Other people who succeeded have the same amount of time as us. The trick is that they are just doing different things with their time than you are. They are managing their time better than you.

That’s what you need to do – different things with your time.

As the owner of a home improvement business, you need to liberate yourself. You need to get others to do many of the things you are doing now, and some things you just need to stop doing altogether. Finding the right people, one by one, delegating to them, and empowering them is one of the first new and different activities you’ll do that you are not doing now. These are time management skills that all business owners need to adhere to. 

Working IN Your Business is the Opposite of Working on the Right Things

In the video, a contractor knows he is still working too much in his business. This recognition, and the fact that he has already begun to train more people into management roles, shows he is moving in the right direction.  Are you?

More information on time management can be found in the article, "Do These 3 Things to Improve Time Management."

The School of Entrepreneurship focuses heavily on how to recognize and work on the right things in your business.

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Richard Fencil

Richard Fencil lives in Guilford, Connecticut with his wife and three sons. He works for Basement Systems in Seymour, CT that specializes in basement waterproofing, crawl space moisture control, foundation repair, and basement finishing.

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