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Unwavering Desire a Must for Achieving Business Goals

A fundamental part of success it to focus on the business principles.  In the video, Larry Janesky tells the story of how the mentor teaches the student that he needs to have the same desire to succeed in business as you do to breath air when held underwater.

In Napoleon Hill’s classic book, “Think and Grow Rich,” he identifies desire as the starting point of all achievement. He wasn’t talking about any desire – but a desire for a positive result, outcome, or personal goal.

This principle of the desire for a positive result in your business has to be strong.  In the School of Entrepreneurship we start with goals, both business and personal.

Why personal?

Because you started your businesses for personal reasons.  You wanted money, or freedom, or to be your own boss. There’s lots of reasons, and often more than one as to why you wanted to be a business owner.

In a Think Daily posting, Larry writes about “Disciplining Desire.”

He says, “We all have desires, but we have to discern which ones will take us to long-term success and happiness and which will only lead to problems for us.  Then we need to choose to follow the right ones and be self-disciplined enough to forego the wrong ones.”

Maybe it’s been a while since you thought about the reasons why you went into business for yourself.  Take time now to reflect.  Write down your reasons.  Make sure they are strong enough to get you through hard and harder times.