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6 Things a Marketer can do at Your Home Improvement Company

Marketing at a Home Improvement ContractorIt wasn’t too long ago that a contractor with a marketing person on staff was a very rare thing. Today, many contractors have a marketer to help them generate leads and grow their businesses.

6 Things a Marketer can do for Your Home Contracting Company?

  • 1. Add content to your website. Photos, blogs, getting customer reviews. For help with your website, check out for a fantastic platform to help you generate more leads online.
  • 2. Run home shows. Scheduling, setting up, and working at a booth take effort that most contractors simply avoid. Successful contractors do all the home shows in their area.
  • 3. Coordinate signage for your trucks, yard signs, building, and more. Well-lettered, highly visible signage will more than pay for itself.
  • 4. Networking. Chamber of Commerce events, partnering with contractors who do other services, BBB events, meeting with real estate agents and home inspectors. There’s a lot of referral sources that need relationships built.
  • 5. Advertising. Planning where you’re going to get your leads, the messaging for the ads, and negotiating the best price.
  • 6. Tracking. All of this and more needs to be tracked so you know the best use of your marketing and advertising dollars.

This is a quick overview of the Hiring a Marketing Manager exercise in the School of Entrepreneurship. Through the lesson, Larry Janesky goes through the role of a marketing manager at a home improvement business, including how to track their role and how much to spend on your marketing mix.

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