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How to Find Great People for Your Contracting Company

The secret to finding, hiring and retaining great employees at your contracting business is to become the leader that attracts those great people.  Seem too simple? Keep reading.

You Get the Team You Deserve

You get the team or staff that you deserve. If you’re a good leader you will attract good employees.  Of course, the opposite is true as well, if you’re a bad leader, you will attract bad employees.

Whether people are good or bad employees, high or low performers, they all need to work.

Great employees leaving poor leadershipIn the case of employees, opposites don’t attract!
Poor leaders attract low performers, while great leaders attract high performers. Adding to the troubles of bad leaders finding good employees, even on the slim chance when they do, it doesn't take long for great employees to flee from bad leadership.

Poor or low-performing employees are looking for a place they can call home. They are looking for a place that will accept them at their low performance level. They’re looking for a place that won’t try to change them, that won’t try to challenge them, or won’t try to bring them out of their comfort zone.

Good, or high-performing employees are also looking for a place to call home.  They are looking for a place with strong leadership, vision, and goals that won’t accept mediocrity.  A place that will challenge them and help them get out of their comfort zones where they can grow.

If you’re a great leader and you have plans, goals, and you invest in your team, then the high performers will be attracted to you and your business. They will find you, as they forsake and pass over other leaders of other operations who they don’t see a future with.

You get the team you deserve based on how strong or weak of a leader you are.

You’re job, and what The School of Entrepreneurship can help you with, is to become that great leader first so that you can attract the high performers. The high performers have to work somewhere, and they will find the best leader to work with.  Make sure that it’s with you – it can make or break your business.

If you want a better team, you have to become a better leader first.