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Larry Janesky's 12 Personal HVAs for Home Improvement Contractors

Over the next 12 weeks, I’ll be emailing Larry Janesky’s Top 12 High Value Activities (HVA).  I’ll do one per week and explain how and why he does each.  Included in the email will also be one of Larry’s Low Value Activities (LVA) that he has stopped doing or delegated in order to make time to focus on his High Value Activities.

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What Do We Mean By HVA and LVA
High Value Activities (HVA) are the projects and tasks that owners, and to some extent leaders and managers, should be focused on. HVAs are those activities that produce big, important or lasting results. If you ignore HVA’s long enough, they will become urgent and prevent you from ever accomplishing your goals.

HVAs and LVAs

Each week I will be posting and emailing one of Larry Janesky’s Top 12 HVAs and LVAs and explaining how and why he does each.  Don’t miss an installment!  Sign up above to get them delivered directly to your inbox.

High Value Activities for Owners
The business owner should only work on HVAs.  This might not be possible at first, especially in a small company.  Once a company grows to certain size, the owner should be in a position to only work on HVAs.

Consider a 10-12-person company. The owner can only contribute 8-10% of the work. At this point a transition should occur and the owner should be working on the business and not in it.

Regardless of where you’re currently at, the owner needs to stay focused on the HVAs and push off as many LVAs as possible to others.  High Value Activities are ones that the owner must focus on to bring their personal goals (income, satisfaction, family) and business goals into reality quickly.

High Value Activities are often the first activities to get pushed to the back burner and subject to procrastination as the day to day challenges come up. Too often business owners believe there are many things that only they can do. And, quite often, the owner is the best at many activities. But trying to do too much, the owner winds up not doing things to the best of their ability or having to delay many things that “only they can do” until they find the time. When you are doing HVAs, you’re working ON your business. When you are doing Low Value Activities (LVAs) you’re working IN your business.

General Managers and Managers will do some of the work, but also spend at least some of their time working on their team’s or department’s development as set from the vision of the owner.

1st Email Installment: Larry Janesky’s 1st High Value Activity: Hiring the Right People

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