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Larry's First HVA: Hiring the Right People

The first listed HVA on Larry Janesky’s list: Hiring the Right People.  On his LVA list: Doing the Work.

Hiring the Right People

High Value Activities (HVA) are the projects and tasks that owners, and to some extent leaders and managers, should be focused on. HVAs are those activities that produce big, important or lasting results. If you ignore HVA’s long enough, they will become urgent and prevent you from ever accomplishing your goals.

Hiring Will Make or Break Your Business
As Larry says in his recruiting and hiring program, HireHigher, hiring will make you, or break you. Too often contractors spend 1% of their time recruiting and 99% of their time managing their recruiting mistakes.

We can’t accomplish great things with sub-par people. The better people we have, the higher our company can go. We can accomplish our goals years faster with the right people and with far less stru­ggle, than with the wrong people.

How We Mess It Up

  • We don’t see it as important as it is.
  • We are busy with other things.
  • We need to fill a position now – we are in a rush.
  • We didn’t think about it that much.
  • We settle, hoping this person will do better at our company than they did at their last one.
  • We try to help people out by giving them a job.
  • We delegated hiring to someone else who doesn’t know what they are doing either.
  • We don’t think we are worthy of the best people working for us.
  • (And for some) we want to be the smartest person in the room, so we hire people less smart than us.

Time spent hiring

We need to change our thinking on hiring and recognize how important it is to our business. If we are disciplined about hiring and we do it very well, we can make real progress faster than we ever thought possible.

Hiring should be a top priority of leaders.  Conversely, the LVA is doing the work.  We get stuck doing the work when we don’t have the right people who can do what we need them to do.

You can see how this HVA and LVA go hand-in hand.

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