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This Struggling Contractor Added One Thing and Suddenly Became Profitable

If there was one element you could add to your contracting company that made you profitable almost overnight, would you add it?  What if it didn’t cost you anything except for your time to implement it?

Of course you would.  Every contractor would.  And yet, very few contractors do this.

Using a sales system is what this contractor added and all of the sudden they started selling profitable jobs – and the business grew!

Before the sales system was in place, this contractor’s sales people sold on price.  Lowest price.  All contractors not using a system sell on price.  The contractor may not think so, but that is their only sales distinction if there’s no system or training involved.

Prior to the struggling contractor adding a sales program, their salespeople were making sales. The problem was that over time because they had no system to help them sell higher, more profitable jobs, the company wasn’t making any money.  When salespeople freestyle their sales each day, their closing rate may be high, but their margin is going to be low or non-existent.

Why Does a Sales System Work?

You have to have a strategy for selling.  If you just hire salespeople and say, “here’s the brochure, here’s what we do, here’s the proposal form, now go out and make some sales,” this is not a winning strategy.  You have to have a program.  You have to have a system for the salespeople to follow.

You can create your own, or you can shortcut the process with a proven, highly effective sales program – Profectus!

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A sales system makes all the difference in helping a salesperson build value with the customer.  More value than the competitor enables the salesperson to sell at a higher, more profitable price for the company.

The Profectus Sales Program

In the video, Larry talks about the Profectus sales program.  This sales program is available through the School of Entrepreneurship or through one of Contractor Nation’s dealer networks.  The School shows contractors how to create their very own custom sales program as well as how to train the sales team on it.

Profectus is the exact same sales program that makes Basement Systems, Dr.Energy Saver, and Total Basement Finishing dealers the leaders in their markets.  Profectus will show you how to:

  • Build Value with the Customer
  • Sell More or Higher-end Products
  • Beat Your Competitors at Higher Prices
  • Overcome “I’ll think about it” and Close in the Home
  • Train New Salespeople and Get them Selling in 2 Weeks

And much, much more.

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