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Larry Janesky's 3rd HVA: Develop Leaders

How a Contractor Scales their Business

The third High Value Activity on Larry’s list is to Develop Leaders.

The HVAs started with “Hiring the right people” and “Training people to your vision.”  Now we move to “Develop leaders.”  You can see the focus on people.

HVA: Develop Leaders

Hiring, training and development are large factors in Larry’s business success.  Unless the owner wants to run the day-to-day affairs forever, then people will run the business.

The leader who hires managers but never really delegates leadership is going to be the limiting factor in growing their business. It’s a must to empower other leaders with authority to make decisions. In this way managers take weight off the leader.

Collectively, empowered managers can do far more than the single leader ever could. These managers, with only a single area of expertise on which to focus, will eventually do the work better than the leader.

The ability to scale comes from empowerment

The more managers that get developed the better as a really big business requires lot of managers and leaders. Empowered department leaders with clear goals allow a company to grow much faster. These leaders and managers will also relieve stresses and solve problems – the problems that previously only the owner solved.

Your job as leader is to make yourself obsolete. Strive to delegate most of what you do, including making decisions. Ultimately, let other leaders run the business.

A Quick Exercise from The School of Entrepreneurship

  • Who are the leaders you have now that you can trust and are able to run their departments well?  Name them.
  • Where are the vacancies?  Write them down.
  • Who are the up-and-comers?  Write them down.

If you don’t have a manager in each department yet, make that your HVA!

Also check out Larry's new video on YouTube about his Hiring Program – the first HVA on the list.


The LVA in this article is Paying Bills. Please note that in no way do we mean that you should not pay your bills. However, delegate this task to an accountant or bookkeeper.

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