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Larry Janesky's 5th HVA: Communicate Clear Goals and Expectations

You can’t communicate your goals enough.

Larry Janesky's 5th HVA

The 5th High Value Activity on Larry’s list is to communicate clear goals and expectations to your staff.

You think you talk about your goals and expectations all the time. You hear yourself talking about them every time they come out of your mouth.

You tell your goals to your sales manager. You tell them to your marketing manager. You tell them to your production manager. That’s three times for you, but only once each for them.

Others don’t hear you talking about goals and expectations nearly as much as you do. The rule is that you can’t say them enough. You can never tell your team too many times what your goals and expectations are.

Without goals, standards and targets, people will not know what to do. Without clarity, people drift along doing what they think is right or what is easiest for them.

They are Literally “Aimless.”

  • For each department lay out clear goals. People need to know, “How do we win?”
  • People need to have the big picture and the plan laid out for them.
  • Talk about goals and expectations all the time. Monitor and celebrate progress.

Do each of your departments have clear current goals with metrics on how these improvements are measured? Do you think each team member knows them?

Goal Setting Exercise

A simple exercise is for you to go down the following list and write down each department's goals. Then, ask each department manager to write down what they believe their goals to be and see if they match.

  • Marketing
  • Appointment Center
  • Sales
  • Accounting
  • Production
  • Service
  • Recruiting / HR


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