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Larry Janesky's 7th HVA: Prioritize Your Time

A seventh High Value Activity on Larry’s list is to Prioritize Your Time. Larry built an entire course around prioritization called 80/20: More Results. Less Time.

Larry Janesky's 7th HVA

Understanding what the most important activity for you to do right now is critical for a leader. Once you understand what this activity is, then doing it is a matter of discipline.

Why would you do anything else but the highest value activity (HVA)?

Disciplined focus on the HVA will make tomorrow better. Better for both for you and your business.

HVAs need constant re-evaluation

A leader needs to constantly re-evaluate what is most important right NOW!

You did a great job getting your company to where it is today. But what got you here today, won’t get you to a better tomorrow.

You have to grow and evolve yourself and your business. To evolve, you must always be focused on the HVAs. And as your business evolves, so do your HVAs.

Different action always comes before different results. You must be the catalyst for the change you want, before the change comes. That’s why they call the job “leader”.

Direct the attention of your team on what needs to be done to create a better tomorrow.

Strategies for a smaller company may not work for a larger one – you need to evolve into the company you are trying to be.

Are you doing the highest value work you can? Or does your job look the same as it did last year and the year before that?


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