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Your Path to Growth: Leaders Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Your path to growth


What makes you uncomfortable is your path to growth.

What would cause you to be uncomfortable with something?

Giving up control. Why does giving up control cause you to be uncomfortable? Because you can do it better. If you delegate a project or job to someone else, they may mess it up. They may fail.  And if they fail, you may fail.

Write down what you are good at.

I am good at ______________________

Is it sales? Is it marketing? Is it production? Is it accounting? Is it service?

Now that you wrote that down, now write:

"That is my curse."

The reason it is your curse is because you wind up holding onto the thing you are good at. Holding on to what you’re good at prevents you from doing your real job. And your real job is building the team that gets the results with the customers.

What makes you uncomfortable is your path to growth. You have to embrace that. You have to embrace the things that make you uncomfortable.

If we go back to the thing that you’re good at, or comfortable with, it is probably preventing you from growing. Therefore, you have to learn how to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Most people aren’t willing to do this. Yet, this is your path to growth.

In the Illumination on Leadership video ”Your Path to Growth,” Larry takes you through a lesson in thinking about difficulty, change, failing, execution, and staying focused on exactly what it is you need to do. Then he brings you through to an understanding that will greatly reward you in personal and business growth.

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