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Larry Janesky on The Wealthy Contractor podcast

From the Invisible Comes the Visible

Wealthy Contractor podcastA theme at The Wealthy Contractor podcast revolves around a contractor getting their profit model right.

The conversation starts with Brian asking what the things are that Larry teaches contractors at Contractor Nation and in The School of Entrepreneurship to help them get their profit model right.

Most people who start home improvement, repair or services companies have worked for someone else prior to starting their business. So most owners model their company after the one they worked for.

The new owner makes a copy of the business that was probably the copy of a previous business. The market is full of replicated businesses.

The new owner should ask his or herself, would I want to trade places with the owner of the business I’m working for? Would I be happy if I were in their shoes?

Maybe the current owner is working 70 hours per week. Maybe the current owner is in debt.

Ask yourself, would I want to trade places?

If the answer is no, then building a new business based on this previous owner, is a mistake.

Listen to The Wealthy Contractor podcast with Larry Janesky and you’ll learn:

  • How to create your own value proposition to “thrill” your customers
  • How to design your business to help you accomplish your personal goals
  • How you can live your best life through your business
  • How to get your business “unstuck”
  • How to charge the right price for your business


Listen to the Podcast here.