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Contractor's Continued Growth Projects - Change Projects - Look Like This

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Many of the things that you need to accomplish are going to be Change Projects. Change Projects are the things you haven’t done before and/or the things that are going to change your culture.

For example, changing how you’re going to do things in your sales department or how you do things in the office are going to be Change Projects.  The project starts as a well thought-through idea that will cause grief and anguish as it goes, but must be pushed through to the result for positive change.

This is what the life of a Change Project looks like:

Change Project Chart

The chart starts at the top left and goes to the right.


A Change Project usually starts out with high excitement of what you’ll consider as the best idea ever! As you realize that the change needed is going to take time and a lot of work, the project gets more difficult.

As it goes on, the project can become a nightmare, or the dark night of the soul. You’ll find that any change worthwhile, can get to a point of nearly giving up.

But then you’ll turn a corner and see a glimmer of sun.

Examples of a Change Projects could be:

  • Adding a new product line.
  • The resetting of an entire management team.
  • Changing your sales process.

In a Change Project, things will get worse before they get better.

As you get toward the end of the project, you love it. Because now you get to enjoy the rewards of the change you made.

The Necessity of Change Projects

Change Projects are necessary if you are going to break through to the change and progress that you need to make to become the kind of person that you need to become in order to attract the results that you’ve never had before.

With a Change Project, know that if you are having trouble… that’s normal. Just keep working through it. Be persistent with the project but be smart about it as well.

Notice the results you are getting and then adjust your actions to get the kind of results that you want. Don’t be persistent in doing the wrong things that attract the wrong results.

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