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Lead an Extra-Ordinary Life through Your Business

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Want to lead a better-than-average, extra-ordinary life?

Of course you do. It’s almost a rhetorical question. Almost. However, to live a better-than-average life, you need to behave and do things in a way that’s not average.

But not everyone is willing – or even knows how – to believe in or do the things necessary to enable them to live this extra-ordinary life.

In the video, you’ll see a few key ideas:

Trying leads to competence which leads to confidence. Then trying more leads to more competence which leads to more confidence.

You can see that as you repeat this cycle the more competence and confidence you gain. You’ll never gain all the competence and confidence there is, so don’t worry about repeating too many times ;-)

2. Behavior Leads to Emotions
It’s common to suffer from lack of inspiration sometimes. But don’t you notice that when you push through and begin the task that your inspiration grows? This is because your behavior can alter your emotions.

Do you have days when you don’t feel like going to the gym? But once you get there and start exercising you feel better?  Again, it’s because behavior can alter your emotions.

3. Progress is not a straight line.
You’re going to have ups and downs in your business and in your life. But you could also consider your goals. When you hit your goal, you’ve hit a plateau. Now you set a new higher goal. Meet that goal and another plateau.  

Even the attainment of goals can be an up and down journey. Just know that it’s normal that progress is not going to be a straight line.

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