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Contractors, Learn How to Get the Market to Give You More


No More Work for Work’s Sake videoLarry discusses how you can improve your business’s results in the market. Get this video and others - Sign up above.

Businesses are precisely designed to produce the results they are getting.

You, as the leader, are getting the results you deserve right now.

From this we can infer that the results of your business are your own doing, for better or worse. The results are not caused by good luck, bad luck, misfortune, or market conditions.

If you want to get different results, you have to redesign your business.

We have a saying at The School of Entrepreneurship: “In order to set things right, you need to see things right.”

You need to take a good long look at your business. You need to see and understand what’s working, what’s broken, and what the strengths and weaknesses are.

Then you can take one thing at a time and fix it, because you can’t work on everything at the same time. You take one piece and change it and then observe the results.

You need to change that person, change that manager, change that process, hire the right person, get rid of the wrong person.

If you make positive improvements, the market, your customers, will give you in-kind positive results. But only up to the amount of improvement you made.

If you make a tiny improvement, you will get a tiny improved result. A large improvement, say fix your sales process, you will see a larger positive result.

The market gives us the results we deserve. The market tells you how much they like you. Want to be liked more, make more improvements.

Great or poor results are up to you as the leader. Only the leader can make the changes necessary to improve how the market is judging your business.

Don’t do any more work for work’s sake. Only work on the things that improve the results you get from the market.

In “No More Work for Work’s Sake,” Larry discusses how you can fix your thinking to work on the right things to improve your business’s results. To get this and other videos in the Illuminations on Leadership series, subscribe at the top of this page.


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