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Is Your Business Stuck or Growing? It's Up to You.

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As the leader in your business, do you feel like you’re making progress?

Or do you feel stuck? Are you doing the same things over and over again?

Answer these questions to know what to work on.

Ask yourself, “Is what I’m doing today going to make a difference tomorrow?  Is what I’m doing today, going to make next week better, next month better, or next year better? Will what I’m working on today have a lasting effect on my business?

The projects that you work on today that have lasting effects in the future we call Legacy Projects. The value to you as the leader or owner of working on a legacy project today, is the positive return it gives in six months, in a year, two years or more.

Are you working on something today that will change tomorrow? Are you executing on the things you are learning today to get positive results in the future?

In this way, you improve your leadership ability and your earning ability.

Small can be big for your home services business

Even a small project can feel like progress. Lettering or decaling a truck for example is a small thing today that will generate leads into the future. Improving a yard sign that you post at a job can make tomorrow better.

Compounding these small steps on top of each other will make tomorrow better.

However, being or saying that you’re too busy to make changes or to make improvements is exactly what caused you to be stuck.

If your business is stuck, you need to change the things you are working on. Stop doing the same things you did yesterday and the day before that and the week before that and the year before that.

Instead, start working on small projects and legacy projects with lasting effects into the future.

Watch Larry tell his story of making progress in this Illumination on Leadership.


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