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Crew Flexibility Solves Profit and Installation Problems

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In busy times or slow times, consider flexing your crew’s manpower. Adding or taking away the number of people working on a job can have significant impact on your bottom line.

Why is this?

  1. By adding manpower, you can address being busy without having to increase fixed costs.
  2. By taking away manpower, you can adjust your gross profit margin by lowering labor cost.
  3. By taking away manpower you decrease the number of jobs you can install. So in slow times, you can keep your best people working. This helps you retain your key people and you don’t lose installation quality.

In the video, you’ll see some simple solutions to flexing your manpower up and down to address various situations. You’ll also see how this flexibility effects your bottom line.

Subscribe to the Illuminations Video Series above to see the video.

About the author

Richard Fencil

Richard Fencil lives in Guilford, Connecticut with his wife and three sons. He works for Basement Systems in Seymour, CT that specializes in basement waterproofing, crawl space moisture control, foundation repair, and basement finishing.

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