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Becoming the Editor-in-Chief

Editor-In-Chief (Cover)

Becoming the Editor-in-Chief

Editors make things better. They subtract, they substitute, they reconfigure – they’re working with what is there in front of them. A good editor can make confusing things clear, difficult things easy, boring things interesting, bad things good. What about your life? Can you edit your life? Your business? Of course you can.

Editors take what’s in front of them and they make it better. You’ve got your business right in front you. You’ve got your full day of work, every day. That means that you if you can become an editor (and a good one), then you can make your business – and your work days – better. Confusing can become clear, frustrating can be become fun, difficult can become doable (dare I say easy?), boring can be interesting, and the bad, well, you can turn the bad into good.

That’s the potential of editing. It's a powerful way of thinking that you as the owner can benefit from. But you want to edit with purpose.

Knowing what to edit in your business and how to do it, that’s something Contractor Nation is dedicated to helping you with.