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How to Grow Your Home Improvement Contractor Business

How to build and grow a home repair or home improvement business is known.  There are hundreds of books, seminars, videos, blogs, and business coaches out there.  And if you gather this piece and that, talk to this person, this sales coach, read this book, you can piece together a plan to help grow your home improvement business. 

For the past 35 years, Larry Janesky has looked out into the world and built the best systems and processes for his business. He's discovered what works and what doesn't.

Curated and Tested Programs to be Used in Your Business

If you join the School of Entrepreneurship, all this information has been curated and packaged into a complete program. The School will:

  • Make you a better leader.
  • Save you years and years of missteps and mis-directions.
  • Save you thousands of dollars on chasing bits and pieces of solutions.
  • Hand you processes and systems for each part of your residential contractor business.
  • Help you grow your business beyond what you thought possible.

Hundreds of Contractors have Added Millions to their Home Contractor Business

Larry has trained over a thousand of contractors through live and in-person trainings. Students from the School of Entrepreneurship call him the "Millionaire Maker."

Larry has walked the walk, he's a sales expert, a marketing expert, a leadership expert, a hiring expert. In the video, you see Larry standing in front of a "training" house that he built inside his home energy training facility, the largest in North America. He started as a builder, but soon became a sales and marketing expert. He then educated himself on every piece of his home repair and home improvement business so he could train his staff and the staffs at the dealerships.

He's done the work, then he created the School. With Larry and the School of Entrepreneurship:

  • You get tried and true business systems and processes.
  • You won't get book reports of trendy business concepts.
  • You won't get "good ideas" that the business coach hasn't implemented himself.

Subscribe to the School of Entrepreneurship today for a special offer.