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Do the Best People Work for You?

Hire Higher Recruiting ProgramDid you download the Free Self-Assessment to see if you are an employer of choice in your area?

If not, get it here. This checklist assesses where you are and gives you the direction of where to improve to be an employer of choice.

Does it matter how well I score? Don't I just have to be better than my competitors?

When it comes to hiring, people can work anywhere.  You not only have to be better than your competitors, but to get the best people, you need to be the top place to work in your area!

Does a sales person need to stay in a specific industry?  Does an accountant?  Does a marketer?  Most people can work for whoever they choose.  You need to do everything you can to make sure they choose you!

What if I didn’t Score Well?

You have work to do.  The good news is that you can improve in each of the eight categories. Some may take more time and commitment, but all are doable.  The School of Entrepreneurship has guidance on how to improve in all these categories.

I Scored Well, Why am I Not Getting the Best Employees?

You need a strong recruiting and hiring process.  If you’re not good at either recruiting or hiring, if this isn’t your top focus, then you will struggle getting the best employees.

There’s help!  HireHigher – of which the Self-Assessment is one page – is a super-cost-effective and easy-to-use program that is a bullet-proof process to hiring the best people.  It’s a step-by-step program that tells you how and where to find the best people, and then how to interview them.  Every question to ask, and what to look for on resumes is all laid out. You just have to follow along! 

Get the proven fool-proof HireHigher program here.