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11 Steps to Hiring the Best Talent

Free Hiring Assessment ToolHiring is one of the most important things a business needs to do to be successful. Hiring the right people, the best people in your market, will make all the difference between success and struggle.

Joe Polish said in a recent email, "Hire bad-ass, smart, effective people early on versus half-assed people who aren’t players. This will make a huge difference."

  • 1. Change your thinking about hiring. For most, we spend too little time recruiting and hiring… even though we know that people are what make up our businesses.
  • 2. Put yourself and your business in the right light.Not sure how you’re being perceived in the marketplace?  Download this free self-assessment tool and score yourself.
  • 3. Craft your compelling story. You had reasons for starting your business.  You reasons that your business is different than others.  Make sure you tell the story.
  • 4. Understand exactly what you are looking for.Too often we get sidetracked during the hiring process. Stay tight to get the best person for the job.
  • 5. Networking across your sphere of influence is 100X better than posting help wanted ads.
  • 6. The resume is the key to uncovering the truth.On the resume is a story, some truthful, some exaggerated, some incomplete, and maybe some fabricated. Uncovering it all is how you learn about someone.
  • 7. Phone screen to maximize your time and effort.Give homework to screen out the disinterested.
  • 8. In the 1st interview ask questions that uncover if the candidate can do the work.
  • 9. In the 2nd interview ask questions to uncover if the candidate wants to do the work.
  • 10. Have your key people on the 3rd interview.This will eliminate your biases.
  • 11. Of course, do the background and reference checks.


If you’re looking for more help on:

  • What questions to say on the phone screening?
  • What to say in each of the three interviews?
  • What homework to assign?
  • What are the best ways to recruit candidates?
  • What am I looking for on the resume?

 Then you’re in luck! The School of Entrepreneurship now offers the Hire Higher Recruiting Program as a standalone tool for you to get the best people. Get it here.

Hire Higher Recruiting Program contents

Included in the HireHigher Program is a 142-page eBook, 27 videos with creator Larry Janesky learning the program right along with you, 3 Recruiting Cards and 6 Candidate Folders (hard copies mailed to you upon purchase, plus PDF digital copies immediately available).

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Richard Fencil lives in Guilford, Connecticut with his wife and three sons. He works for Basement Systems in Seymour, CT that specializes in basement waterproofing, crawl space moisture control, foundation repair, and basement finishing.

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