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In the Industrial Age, if you stopped moving, you got left behind.  Now in the Information Age, if you stop learning you get left behind.  

How do you keep your team learning?

Have your management team sign up for free to Think Daily for Businesspeople. You can use the messages as a discussion point for meetings and as a group learning tool. For example, the previous Think Daily for Businesspeople started the thinking along the lines of where managers should draw the line in how much help to give the people they lead.

Here's an example:

Servant Leadership?

Larry Janesky: Think Daily

A leader should be there to serve their team, yes.  But not to do all the work for them and give answers every time someone has a question.  The best way to serve your team is to empower and enable their motivation and ability to do excellent work and get excellent results with internal and external customers.

It’s the difference between giving your kids everything they want and raising happy self-actualized kids who are able to stand up strong in the world.

Leaders and managers must be catalysts for creating high-performance teams and bringing out the best in others while accomplishing the goals of the organization.

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