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Simplify Communication with Crews

The BOBR System for contracting project managersThis simple system will make your production and project manager’s lives easier, help your inside team know what’s going on in the field, and show off the great of your installation crews. We called it BOBR (pronounced bobber).

On jobs that take ­multiple days, project managers and production managers don’t exactly know what's happening in the field unless they visit the job each day. Furthermore, salespeople, company leaders, and other foremen can’t see what everyone else is doing. The BOBR system helps all crews and inside teams to learn from each other, become better trained and more confident in the company’s services. It also gives everyone a forum to ask good questions.

In 2009 when Larry Janesky wrote The Highest Calling, an inspirational novel about life and business, struggle and success, he created a simple system to solve this problem for Troy, the main character in the book. Troy needed a way to scale his business and have more than one job going on at a time, while being able to easily keep track of job progress.

BOBR System BoardThe board shows photos of each job's progress. The foremen's photo and short bio, that we hand out to customers, is attached to each job so everyone knows who's working on what project.

Larry liked the BOBR system so much that he implemented it in his own home repair business.  Ten years later, Larry’s contracting business still uses the BOBR system to keep track of all their multi-day jobs. It’s simple but allows contractors to do a lot of things that they previously couldn’t or weren’t before they implemented the system.

The BOBR system is now a program in The School of Entrepreneurship, where contractors come to learn how to improve their businesses.

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