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To be a Great Leader, You Can't be a Good One

Think Daily bannerThis message from Think Daily by Larry Janesky seems counterintuitive but makes sense. In order to get even better results than you are now, you need to stop being the leader you are now and work to be that next-level leader who can achieve even greater results. Larry's message:

Stop Doing What You Are Expert At

“You are very good at being the leader you are now and getting the results you are getting now. You feel competent at being the person you are now. You are an expert at it. But in order to get to the next level and get even better results, you need to stop being that. You need to give up being an expert at what you know how to do and become an amateur at being the next level leader.”

If we get too comfortable at our current level of leadership, we stagnate.  The challenge is to get uncomfortable so that we can achieve personal business growth.

The remainder of the message pushes for acting sooner than later and can be viewed at  And don’t forget to scroll down and comment!

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