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Hate Home Shows? It's Because You're Doing Them Wrong.

Home show display(excerpted from "Home Shows," a course detailing exactly how to run an effective home show)

Why do home shows work for some, and not others?

For many contractors, home shows and events are one of their top lead generation sources. And cost-effective, low-risk, added value lead sources.

At face value, a home show is an opportunity to brand your business in your local service area and bring in leads.

So why does this work for some, and not others?

Not everyone knows how to run a home show correctly.

Run a home show correctly? How hard is it?

Don’t you just pop up a display, stand behind a table with some brochures, and if someone needs you, they will give you their phone number?

How does that last sentence sound to you?

If it sounds ok, then you probably hate home shows.  If you’re laughing, then you probably used to run home shows like this but figured out that there’s a little more to it.

Either way, don’t worry. Home shows aren’t difficult, they just require a little more effort.

Here are 5 Things You Need to Know to Make Home Shows a Success:

  • Know Your Goals. It’s lead generation. You’re not there to giveaway free stuff or brochures.
  • Prepare. Find the best space. Ask who will be around you and what kind of noise to expect.
  • Design your home show booth. The booth should be clean and welcoming.
  • Select and train booth staff. You’re looking for friendly energetic people who want to be there. Give them goals and train them on what you expect.
  • Convert leads to appointments. Set appointments right at the show. If you can’t do that, call first thing and keep calling.


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About the author

Richard Fencil

Richard Fencil lives in Guilford, Connecticut with his wife and three sons. He works for Basement Systems in Seymour, CT that specializes in basement waterproofing, crawl space moisture control, foundation repair, and basement finishing.

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