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In the Wilderness You Find Leadership and Achievement

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“A life of achievement is the life of adventure.”
- Jim Rohn

As a leader and achiever, you need to be a lot like an explorer. You need to travel in the wilderness. Out of your comfort zone.

If you’re going to make something happen that hasn’t happened before in your life, you’re going to have to do some new things. You’re going to have to get out of your comfort zone.

You’re going to have to become a new person.

This idea that to accomplish new things you have to become a new person is proven. It will feel strange to you at first, but it’s proven.

You have your own believe. Your own belief of who you are. Of how you should show up in the world every day.

I’m Joe the plumber. I’m Joe the carpenter. I’m Joe the electrician. And I have this business. I have some helpers who help me do what I do.

That’s been you’re identity for a long time.

And now you have to change your identity. You have to break the habit of being that identity.

Be an Explorer to Break Your Identity

That’s where you being an explorer comes in. That’s what living a life of achievement is. It’s doing things that we’re not comfortable with at first.

Doing things where the outcome is uncertain. Doing things that make your own ego question you. Things that make your ego want to take you back to who you were. Who you were comfortable being.

You have to persist against this. Persist against your ego telling you to go back.

Because you know that if you persist, there is a bigger better life waiting for you.

So you persist through the unknown, through the wilderness as an explorer would.

Don't Live the Same Thing Over and Over

Consider if you were to only watch motocross and motivational videos on YouTube. The YouTube algorithm would only show you motocross and motivational videos.

YouTube is not going to show you anything else. I’m going to be reliving that same genre of video day after day.

Now consider that you wake up and do the same thing every day. And you don’t seek to do something new, to try something new.

Then you are going to continue to get the same results. You need to break the habit of doing the same things over and over.

You’ve got to be an explorer and seek out the best version of you. You need to travel through the wilderness.