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Inner and Outer Games: From Inner Thoughts, Outward Reality

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Two fronts that any entrepreneur needs to work on are the Inner Game and Outer Game.

The Inner Game represents the job you need to do inside your own head. The job to create clarity. The job to believe in the right things. The job to get the false beliefs out of your head that may have been driving your actions and the way you’ve been leading your business in the past.

The Outer Game is the job you need to do to your business.

The two games are intertwined. The two are part of the same thing but separate.

You have to get your thinking correct to win on these two fronts.

From the Inner, Comes the Outer. From the Invisible, Comes the Visible.

From what’s going on in your head. From the intangible thoughts in your brain. This Inner Game determines the actions you take. These actions then determine the results you will get.

The results are the visible.

The visible is what your marketing is conveying. The visible is how many sales you are getting. The visible is how the employees at your business behave. It’s what your building or office looks like.

What someone perceives about you or your business – the visible – came from your mind and thinking – the invisible.

You Need Clarity with the Invisible

To get the inner game right, you need to read, watch, and listen to the things and information that will influence what is going on in your head. To influence what is going on in the Inner Game.  Because what is going on in your head, drives the Outer Game.

The Inner Game drives the Outer Game.

Work on yourself every day. Play the Inner Game every day.

Reinvent your thought patterns. Reinvent your beliefs. Rise above yourself and notice the areas that need improvement. Notice the habits that need to be replaced.

That’s a quick overview. Watch Larry explain it much more thoroughly in the video.

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