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Once You Started Your Business, You Stopped Being Good Enough

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Larry put this slide on the screen in the School of Entrepreneurship:

Personal Development as a Leader
If you are a 5, your team is a 4.
They can’t be better than you.

This doesn’t mean they can’t be better than you at their jobs.

This means that they can’t be better or clearer than you in their thinking about the business. They can’t be better or clearer than you in their manner and attitude. And they can’t have more clarity than you in the direction of the business or what their job is.

Your team can never be clearer on the company’s mission than you are as their leader. They can’t know the mission this week, this month or this quarter better than you. That’s impossible.

So, if you’re a 5 their a 4.  If you’re a 7, they’re a 6.  That’s progress. That’s a 50% improvement.

If you’re a 9, they’re an 8… 100% improvement. This betterment, this clarity comes from your own personal development.

Personal development is leadership development.

And leadership development is personal development.

You have to spend time working on yourself. You have to work harder on you than you work on your job.

Your strengths that got you to where you are today are not enough to move you forward.

As the leader of a home improvement or repair/service business, you probably started with a background in production. You might have been a great HVAC technician or a great carpenter.

But once you started your business you became an entrepreneur. You became a leader.

Once you become a business owner, your strengths won’t carry you anymore. Your strengths become your weaknesses that begin to hold you back.

Leadership is not about your strengths.

If you have something you do really well, that’s not what you should be doing. You need to delegate that. And get yourself uncomfortable by doing new, higher value things. Things you haven’t done before. Things that you’re not comfortable with.

Find out how to do this in Larry’s Illumination on leadership called “Once You Started Your Business, You Stopped Being Good Enough.”

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