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The Plan: "How Do I Get There?"

Map - Compass - Guide

Maps are incredibly useful things.

Nowadays our smart devices double as maps and tour guides, so there isn’t much interpretation or guesswork left when we’re trying to get to where we’re going. But all that convenience hasn’t changed one thing: we still need directions. And it’s not just getting places. Take putting something together (some assembly required). It’s certainly easier when there are instructions provided and they make sense.

What about building a home improvement business? Well, if we’ve asked the right questions so far: “Where am I?” and “What do I want?” then we’re at a good spot to go to the next step: bridging the gap between the two. Now if it’s fast food you’re looking for, bridging that gap is a pretty simple process: honest self-assessment “I’m hungry!” My burning desire/goal “A burger!” My plan “Get in the car, drive to restaurant, eat burger!” Mission accomplished.

True, our business isn’t a quest for fast food, but there’s something we should say here about that microwave-mentality that takes felt needs and turns them into quick solutions. What’s that you ask? Your business isn’t going to come together as quick as a tv-dinner. Nor should it.

If anyone could build a successful home improvement, home service business that worked, everyone would be doing it. They aren’t. And in this era of microwave-mindset, there are even fewer that will go the distance – but you’ve already decided that you’re going to be amongst the outliers. So what's next? Let’s make a map.

Two things have to get continually better for you to reach greater success: your business and yourself. The owner and their business are inseparable. You are the one building this thing, and if your business is stuck it’s because you are. That’s really good news. Why? Because that means the solution to the problem rests with you. If you improve, your business will to.

That’s the core idea behind Contractor Nation’s School of Entrepreneurship. That’s why our program focuses on the business AND the owner. It’s not theory, it’s a well-worn trail: what we share we’ve lived in our own businesses and shared with hundreds of contractors. Sounds like a map, doesn’t it? That alone would be valuable, but we don’t just hand you a manual and say “Do it yourself.” We’ve arranged our program as a guide, to walk with you as you go.

Wouldn’t that be a great help in getting where you want to go? Sounds like a plan.