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Leadership: It's Not Rocket Science

Rocket Science Doodles

Complexity is your enemy.

When bureaucrats have a problem, they add a step, an inspection, a manager, an employee, a checkbox, a form, a process, or a manual. Now that isn’t to say there isn’t a time for adding, but if that’s your go-to tool, adding winds up making an organization cumbersome, slow and difficult to work in.

Real genius is solving problems by taking things away: removing bad attitudes, ending gossip, focusing your services, and getting rid of unnecessary steps and burdens. (Remember Diamond Cutting and The Editor-in-Chief?)

A home improvement, home service business might have a lot of moving parts but that doesn’t mean it has to be complicated.

The more complexity you introduce, the greater the chance things will get out of control. Keep it simple. Diversifying makes the business more complex, although it may be necessary. As you grow, you may create too many departments or management positions, or take on more overhead. You may not make any money. You may have people who become disengaged or aimless and pollute the rest.

So if Complexity is the enemy. Does that mean that Simplicity is our ally? Absolutely.

Contractor Nation believes in simple ideas, ruthlessly executed. That mindset is woven into the DNA of everything that we do. Our School of Entrepreneurship program represents the core knowledge that successful contractors can use to build an even more successful business. These are ideas that we’ve gathered and tested for decades. But it’s not rocket science.

These ideas are ‘Doable’ (If anyone can do it, then anyone can do it – right?). And ‘Scalable’.

That’s the powerful truth about simple ideas: they scale. That means that they can be taught and implemented, whatever the size of your business. What do I mean? What about a simple 8-Step Sales process that anyone can learn? Or a program for handling calls and scheduling appointments better? Or a functional model that works for any business at any size?

Is your business simple enough? Have you made it more complicated than it needs to be? Are you taking advantage of the ideas that Contractor Nation is offering?

See you soon.